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Adress and Travel Infos

Our Adress

University of Oldenburg - Informatics Department
Postal Adress: 26111 Oldenburg, Germany

Street Address: Uhlhornsweg 84, 26129 Oldenburg, Germany

Phone: 0441/798-4521
Fax: 0441/798-2196

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Travel Infos

By Plane

The next airport may be found near the town of Bremen. From there, you can easily reach Oldenburg by railway or taxi.

By railway

Oldenburg is one of the stations of the high-speed German "Intercity" network. Trains from Bremen arrive here about once each hour. You can reach the university by the bus-lines 6 and 10. Busses depart approximately every quarter of an hour during daytime.

By car

Oldenburg is situated right next to the highways A28 and A29. In order to get to the university, leave the Highway at "Haarentor", then follow the "Ammerländer Heerstraße" out of town and take a turn to the left at the crossing "Uhlhornsweg".

Our unit and the university


The university features two garages, one directly underside the main building and one which may be reached from the Haarenfeld Straße.

Where to find our unit

The department of computer sciences is situated in the secondary university building (across the street if viewed from the library) on the second floor. You'll find our unit to the left of the the stairs in the part of the building which (for the obvious reasons) called "yellow".